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About the Projects

Skills to Shine initiative approach to learning bridges the gap between education and business.  We offer enterprise learning through your academic year to complement and enhance your school curriculum.

The Skills to Shine programme sets young people an enterprise challenge that they complete by gaining the skills, knowledge and experiences from business and industry before they participate in an authentic ending such as a market, showcase or trade fair. We keep the programmes fun and exciting as well as ensuring that we meet our learning outcomes.

We have established links with businesses globally who offer young people the opportunity to not only work with them but also to visit businesses to see how these big brands operate.

What we offer

  • One off days
  • Week long clasp curriculum projects
  • Week without Walls
  • Weekly sessions
  • Enterprise qualifications
  • Embedding enterprise into your school Curriculum
  • Mapping of the English National Curriculum, IB Curriculum and the CBSE Curriculum
Our challenges involve real life business challenge such as Make Money Grow, Event Management, Forensic Science, Manufacturing and exploring Jobs and Careers of the Future.

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Case Studies


What people say

  • These sort of projects are needed to help young people understand better some of the career options open to them hear in the region and globally.
    Geoff O'Neil - Career College, North East
  • A fabulous 6 weeks that have helped students from years 7, 8 and 9 build confidence, self-esteem and look beyond the classroom
    Matt Henry - Science Teacher, NCEA
  • A great introduction to app design for the young people and a fantastic way to introduce them to the world of work.
    Ben Moores - Design Tech Teacher GEMS International School – Dubai