Following on from the launch of our Social Action Projects with Sandhill View, Kepier, Farringdon and Ashington the young people have been very busy working towards creating their own social business in order to help the community.

Each school was given a different theme to work towards such as Ashington and Sandhill View focused on Health, Kepier focused on the Community and Farringdon focused on the Environment.

After the launch day each school went out on various different inspirational trips to businesses in order to gain knowledge and experience and get some ideas for their own social business. The young people have learnt about different businesses social initiatives and how they help the community such as Nando’s offer healthy alternatives like salads as well as helping members of the community by donating left over chickens to the homeless and creating chill farms in Africa. O’Briens a waste recycling solution business help the community by recycling as much resources and materials as possible and selling things on such a paper that can be used again.

We also visited the Chill Studios in Newcastle to learn how about their business and how it was set up in order to help people in the community with mental health problems. We also went to Jam Jar Cinema in Whitley Bay to see how a community cinema is ran and how it helps members of the community. As well as, going to businesses we also invited business mentors into school to be able to talk to the young people about their business and how it has helped the community.

The young people are now currently working towards creating their own social business and are in the process of creating presentations which they are going to present to our panel of judges at our Social Action Panel on Monday 3rd April. Additionally the young people are also presenting their ideas to The Key to see if the key will fund their business £250 in order to make a difference to members of the community.