Today as been a great day at Sunderland University with Ashington High School, Kepier School, Sandhill View Academy and Farringdon Community Academy.

All four schools are taking part in our ready steady social action project and they have all been challenged to identify a social issue within the community and develop their own social business to solve that social issue.  Each school has been given a different theme to focus on such as Health, Community or Environment and they need to identify social issue linked to that specific chosen theme.

In order to launch the project each school was invited to join us for an interactive day which we hosted at Sunderland University. The young people were introduced to Skills to Shine before being set their challenge. The young people took part in various different activities in order to help their understanding of the difference  between Social Enterprise, Social Action and Social Responsibility. The young people got to meet local entrepreneurs such as David from Sunderland University, Karen from Accenture and Amjid from Unlimited who told their business story and really inspired the young people by sharing what social initiatives their business has put in place in order to help the local community.

In the afternoon each group of young people got to take a tour around Sunderland University before then taking part in a networking session with the local business mentors whilst generating some ideas for their own business.

The day was a great success and all the young people were really engaged and started to come up with some great ideas.  Skills to Shine are really looking forward to the rest of the project now and hopefully we will have some amazing business ideas from the young people.



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