Today was all about showcasing the young people’s hard work from Cleaswell Hill School. Over the last 13 weeks a group of young people have been working towards creating their own horror film trailer after being set the challenge to choose a specific genre before writing and producing a trailer to showcase their film.

Over the last 13 weeks the young people have been on inspirational trips to Fuse Media Centre in Prudhoe where they got to watch a film of their choice in their own private screening in the mini cinema. The young people then got to go in the green screen where they took on the role of news reporter, presenter and eye witness and recorded their own news show about there being an explosion at Cleaswell Hill School in Guidepost. The young people then went on an inspirational trip to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle where they got to take part in a confidence building workshop whilst developing their characters for their film.

Throughout the project the young people worked with film specialists who helped the young people create and develop their script before making sure that all their camera shots were the right shot to capture to right image before the filming started. Once the trailer had been filmed they then worked on the Mac on specialist soft wear to be able to edit the trailer.

In order to showcase the film trailer the young people hosted an exclusive film premier for their peers and parents to showcase their work and explain what they had been up to over the last 13 weeks before showing their film trailer and offering refreshments.