A group of young people from the Northumberland Church of England Academy Sixth Form have been working towards creating their own album. In order to get some inspiration at the start of the project they went on a trip to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle where they took part in many different workshops which they really enjoyed.

The teacher quoted ‘It’s one of the best trips I have ever been on’ .

The young people then started to work alongside business mentor Paul who is a professional Musician where they started to come up with some ideas for their album as well as showing off their different musical talents such as playing the piano, drums, steel pans and flute as well as showing off their amazing vocal voices.

After working alongside Paul for a few sessions the young people started to work on which musical sounds they preferred. They then started to decide on which songs they were going to sing and which instruments they were going to use in the back ground.

After the young people had their final song choices they booked a session at the YMCA Recording Studio so they could professionally record their album with all the technical equipment. The day in the recording studio was very successful and the young people really impressed at how good their own album sounded.

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