A group of 20 young people in year 6 from Northumberland Church of England Academy – Grace Darling Campus took part in a drama/dance workshop with Laura Prince who is a professional dance teacher. Laura teaches education through creative dance and we worked together to plan a session for the young people. We wanted them to grow in confidence and build trust within one another whilst having fun.

The young people worked alongside Laura who helped them to gain more confidence which will help them when selling their own products at their own market stall to members of the public. They also realised how important it is to build up trust within your team mates/business partners.

Laura also carried out a similar dance workshop with the older students from the Northumberland Church of England Academy Sixth Form. Laura worked alongside the young people helping them with their performance skills because they were going to perform their songs in front of members of the public. They also learnt a dance routine which they could perform and help teach the younger pupils.


dsc_0085 danceing