On Monday the 5th of December the coldest day of the year so far we launched our photography project with a group of young people from Norham High School. We had already been into school the previous week to meet the group of young people and to inform them about the project and set them the challenge of Make £1 Grow. We also wanted to give the young people time to go away and gather some inspiration for their photography business and think about where they could go to take photos.

On Monday the 5th the young people met a professional photographer who taught the young people the basics of how to use a camera and take a good photo. We then took the mini bus out and about around the coast where the young people put their new knowledge to the test by starting to take photos which they could later sell. After taking some really impressive photos of Tynemouth Pier and Whitley Bay Light House we went back to school and uploaded the photos. Once all the photos were uploaded the young people selected 10 really good photos which they liked first and started to edit them on Photoshop. Once all the young people were happy with their photos they sent them to a professional printer where the photos were printed and ready to be framed.

The young people learnt some new technical skills by using different soft wear on the computers and understanding how to upload photos and how you can change and edit that photo by downloading different soft wear onto the computers. They then started to design and make posters on the computers in order to advertise their business.